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Nitrogen-Infused Canned Cocktails : Funkin Nitro Cocktails

Nitrogen-Infused Canned Cocktails : Funkin Nitro Cocktails


Nitrogen-Infused Canned Cocktails : Funkin Nitro Cocktails


The Funkin Nitro Cocktails Can be Easily Brought Anywhere

The Funkin Nitro Cocktails are set to be launched by the brand as a new lineup of canned libations that are characterized by their distinct flavor and highly portable packaging.

Set to launch in May, the cocktails are infused with nitrogen that is reported to help deliver a smooth finish and will come in four flavor options including Amaretto Sour, Passion Fruit Martini, Espresso Martini and Pink Gin Fizz. Each of the canned cocktails have a 5% ABV and come in cases of 12 that are perfect for bringing wherever the party or gathering is happening.

Marketing Director at Funkin Cocktails Ben Anderson spooky on the new Funkin Nitro Cocktails saying, “Around eight million consumers drink cocktails on a night out and as cocktails become more mainstream, consumers are looking to replicate their in-bar experience at home with a credible, easy-to-use and top quality cocktail. We would urge grocery, convenience and independent retailers to capitalize on the huge trend towards cocktail consumption by stocking our premium quality, stand-out Funkin nitro canned cocktail range.”


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