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50 Examples of Sharing-Enabled Tech

50 Examples of Sharing-Enabled Tech


50 Examples of Sharing-Enabled Tech


These sharing-enabled tech innovations range from miniature 4K cameras to smart social media glasses. When it comes to of-the-moment gadgets, products like Tencent’s Weishi smart glasses and the MK1 Snow Goggles feature POV filming capabilities and are designed for fans of live streaming and content creation. While Tencent’s product targets anyone looking to create and share video content, MK1’s goggles are geared towards extreme sports athletes.

Similarly, designer Joshua Han’s conceptual ‘Solo’ Headset is designed to record everyday moments and adventures, displaying them back for users and allowing for easy sharing. While still in its design stages, the product is reflective of the future of POV filming gadgets and suggests that users will eventually go beyond specifically curated content to capturing more obscure, everyday moments of their life on film.

Other sharing-enabled tech standouts include expressive social media filters that incorporate augmented reality features — Snapchat’s set of ‘Snappables’ filters can be controlled by motion, expression and touch — along with those that are adapted by major brands to sell a product. A winning social lenses marketing example is a collaboration between Clairol and Snapchat in which the two brands launched specialty AR hair color filters, allowing social media users to try on hair color options virtually before getting a chance to buy the shades they liked most directly.


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