Sony Pays Homeage to the Device That Allowed for Music On-the-Go

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first device that made music on-the-go a reality, Sony released a retro-style walkman video that pays homeage to the analog innovation.

It is easy to forget such staples in the midst of the Digital Revolution — a time when society is looking to find balance with the abundance of tech-driven, smart products made readily available to consumers. However, the launch of something like Sony’s walkman video is a friendly and endearing reminder of how far we’ve come. Surely tapping the heartstrings of Millenials and Gen X, the celebratory campaign evokes feelings of nostalgia and predisposes audiences in a favorable stance toward the company. The short film “explores the evolution of the device and how it’s design has grown from the […] TPS-L2 […] to the WM1Z.”

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