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Branded City-Inspired Playlists : Pure Sounds Like

Branded City-Inspired Playlists : Pure Sounds Like


Branded City-Inspired Playlists : Pure Sounds Like

The ‘Smirnoff Pure Sounds Like’ Campaign Shares 28 Playlists

The Smirnoff Pure Sounds Like campaign aims to help New Zealanders discover the sounds of the city and suburb that they are in through curated playlists. As a growing number of young consumers are opting to drink at home rather than at bars or clubs, Smirnoff found a creative way to connect with its target audience by providing the soundtrack for a night in.

Working with local artists and Spotify, Smirnoff Pure created more than two dozen playlists that capture the spirit of different parts of a city. On the Smirnoff Pure Discovery website, users are able to find playlists that represent their hometowns and smaller areas, as represented by top tracks from each region.

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