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Nostalgic VHS Pop-Up Experiences : pop-up experience

Nostalgic VHS Pop-Up Experiences : pop-up experience


Nostalgic VHS Pop-Up Experiences : pop-up experience


Marvel Studio’s ‘Stanley Video’ is a Scavenger-Based Film Pop-Up

Playfully nodding to the once spectacular Blockbuster and West Coast Video, this nostalgic pop-up experience is ideal for the film fanatic. Under the guise of a video rental store, Marvel Studios is able to capture the hearts of visitors by tapping the 90s, bringing back the aesthetic of the VHS tape and challenging individuals with a playful, movie-inspired scavenger hunt. Marvel Studio’s pop-up experience is playfully dubbed ‘Stanley Video’ and the activation is designed to call attention to ‘Captain Marvel.’

As the digital environment is streamlining everything, a nostalgic sense lingers and it is tied to the physical novelty of going to a VHS rental store and finding the movie you want to watch. As a result, the scavenger-based pop-up experience will not only challenge audiences but it will also delight them through 90s nostalgia.

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