Sock Fancy Launched the Shark Week 2019 Collection

In honor of this year’s Shark Week, Sock Fancy has launched shark-inspired socks for both men and women. These humorous socks are designed in Atlanta in collaboration with Discovery.

The collection includes a series of four shark-themed sock designs that can be purchased individually or as a bundle. The collection includes the ‘Toothy’ sock with shark teeth, the ‘Frenzy’ sock with shark mouths, the ‘Night Mode’ sock with a moon and a shark,’ and the ‘Swarm’ sock with shark silhouettes. These festive and colorful socks are a perfect way to make a statement at the office, at parties, or on the beach.

These limited-edition, shark-inspired socks are composed of 70% Combed Cotton, 14% Polyester, 13% Nylon, and 3% Spandex and can be shipped worldwide.

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