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Traveler Social Clubs : jetlag social club

Traveler Social Clubs : jetlag social club


Traveler Social Clubs : jetlag social club

The Jetlag Social Club Suggests Activities Based on Energy Level

The excitement of visiting a new place and wanting to have new experiences is often hampered by jet lag but the Jetlag Social Club provides the perfect way to find just the right activity for one’s energy level. The app is a new creation from Air France-KLM loyalty’s program, Flying Blue, and it is billed as “the first city guide based on jetlag.”

The app calculates one’s level of jetlag based on the city of departure and arrival and suggests activities to match different moods like tired, active or awake.

Currently only available in Tokyo, visitors to the city can discover more than 130 activities on the Jetlag Social Club, which are filtered by opening hours and geolocation—which is ideal for tired travelers who don’t want to venture too far from their current location.

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