The New Chobani Nut Butter Yogurts are Naturally High in Protein

The Chobani nut butter yogurts have been unveiled by the brand as a new product for the US market that maintains a delicious ingredient profile that’s also naturally high in protein. Made with a base of Greek yogurt, the product is paired with either almond butter, cashew butter or hazelnut butter along with vanilla, chocolate or honey in the mix for a touch of sweetness. Each serving contains 12 grams of protein and is completely free of artificial ingredients, preservatives, gluten and more.

The Chobani nut butter yogurts were detailed by Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer at Chobani Peter McGuinness who said, “Our fans love adding nut butters to their Chobani Greek yogurt and at our Chobani Café, the combination has consistently been among the best sellers for many years. This inspired us to create a new platform, perfectly pairing Greek yogurt with nut butters like almond and hazelnut, to create a food that’s high in protein, has less sugar than other yogurts, and just the right amount of healthy fats to power consumers throughout the day.”

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