The new Good4U Salad Toppers have been launched by the brand in the UK to offer consumers a way to enhance the nutritional profile of their favorite recipes in a convenient manner. The products are characterized by their high protein and high fiber content, which is achieved using a signature blend of roasted pumpkin seeds with sunflower sees and green peas. The product comes in three flavor options including Garlic & Herb, Super Seeds and Garlic & Chilli, which are all free of added sugar, gluten, nuts, dairy and also maintain a vegan recipe.

Founder of Good4U Bernie Butler spoke on the new products saying, “Good4U’s mission is to empower people of all ages to live a healthier life by making healthy eating accessible and affordable for everyone. Using only natural ingredients, the Good4U salad topper range is perfect for adding some flavor and texture to meals at home or on-the-go – providing the ingredients for a healthy, nutritious meal without compromising on flavor.”

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