Luxury Bed Specialist Savoir Gets a Brand Refresh by Without

Savoir is a luxury bed specialists that recently stepped up its game in the contemporary online world. The brand has been known for making lush, aesthetically pleasing, high-quality beds that promote comfort, craft and style. Manufacturing furniture since 1905, Savoir has built a name for itself thanks to its products which are custom-made in the United Kingdom “with the best natural materials [and] with one craftsperson per customer.”

Attempting to bring this tradition into the scope of the digital environment, the luxury bed specialists tap design studio Without who focuses on curating an online-friendly identity that exudes the notions of contemporary design for its client. The creative company simplified the name from ‘Savoir Beds’ to just ‘Savior,’ introduced an easy-to-navigate hierarchy of product, as well as a redesigned website.

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