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Oversized Barbecue-Friendly Breads : Mega Buns

Oversized Barbecue-Friendly Breads : Mega Buns


Oversized Barbecue-Friendly Breads : Mega Buns


The Baker Street Mega Buns are Foodie-Focused

The Baker Street Mega Buns have been launched by the brand as a new bread product that aims to satisfy the needs of foodies and home chefs alike. The breads will come in two varieties including the Mega Sourdough Buns and the Brioche Mega Buns, which both come in packs of four and are pre-sliced to make them as convenient as possible for sandwich or burger preparation. The buns will retail for £1.69 and £1.99 for the sourdough and brioche variety, respectively.

Founder of St Pierre Groupe Jeremy Gilboy spoke on the Baker Street Mega Buns saying, “Our new Mega Buns have been developed for passionate foodies and hungry, time-poor consumers; particularly with barbecue season just around the corner. The popularity of sourdough and brioche has sky-rocketed in recent years, both in restaurants and now in the home. We are meeting this demand, whilst offering our consumers that same restaurant experience from the comfort of their own home.”


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