The Highland Spring Wild-Life Bottled Water Aims to Educate Kids

The new Highland Spring Wild-Life bottled water is being introduced by the brand as a way to help teach children about the importance of hydration and recycling from an early age. Coming in packs of six and featuring images of active cartoon characters, the bottled water is packaged in containers that have 25% recycled plastic and a profile that is 100% recyclable. This comes as part of the brand’s commitment to use 50% recycled plastic in its packaging by 2022.

Head of Marketing at Highland Spring Group Carol Saunders explained the new Highland Spring Wild-Life bottled water saying, “Research tells us that 25% of kids drink less than a glass of water a day. One in three parents struggle to get their child to drink water generally, and eight in 10 are convinced they rarely get enough fluids. We are building on a theme that performed well when launched last year by combining all the fun of childhood adventure with functional messaging around the importance of hydration and recycling.

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