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Parental Streaming Site Filters

Parental Streaming Site Filters


Parental Streaming Site Filters

YouTube has announced Supervised Experiences, which are intended for parents with children who have outgrown the cartoons, crafts, and other child-friendly content on the Kids app, but who still want to ensure their older children are viewing suitable content. The update comes with a selection of restrictions that parents can choose to add to their accounts. The filters are segmented into three main categories: Explore, Explore More, and Most of YouTube. The first level is meant for kids aged 9 and up, and features content that is deemed suitable for that age bracket. Explore More features fewer restrictions and is intended for those 13 and up. The final tier, Most of YouTube, is suited for those over the age of 13, and shows all content other than videos that are age-restricted. YouTube is currently doing a beta rollout of the feature, which it plans to launch more broadly over the next few months.Image Credit: YouTube

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