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Plant-Based Candy Bites

Plant-Based Candy Bites


Plant-Based Candy Bites

The Jealous Sweets Foams are one of the latest offerings from the brand to provide consumers with a treat that will satisfy their craving for sweets. The candies come in two varieties including Juicy Foams and Berry Foams, which are both made with plant-based ingredients and also maintain a gluten-free recipe. The candies will come in two size formats including 80-gram and 125-gram bags priced at £1 and £2, respectively.Co-Founder and Chief Candy Magician Imran Merza spoke on the new Jealous Sweets Foams saying, “Our mission is to make life sweeter for our customers, retailers, animals and the planet. I am delighted that the new Foams range delivers a consistent, high-quality, sophisticated taste profile while maintaining zero toxins, no animal derivatives, and using ethically sourced premium ingredients. We’re dedicated to creating products that are plant based, gluten free, real fruit juices, no palm oil, no synthetic flavours, no artificial colours.”Image Credit: Jealous Sweets

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