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Postponed Nuptial Contests

Postponed Nuptial Contests


Postponed Nuptial Contests

Due to the current state of the world, many couples who planned on getting married within the last year or the one ahead have found that they’ve had to postpone their dream wedding. Barnana Snacks and Bitchin’ Sauce are teaming up to give couples the chance to share their stories in the hope of winning the wedding of their dreams.The contest focuses on the perfect pairing of chips and dips and hopeful couples have the chance to win a grand prize of $40,000 to be put towards their wedding. The Perfect Chip To My Dip Contest promises to brighten the year of one perfectly paired couple, no matter how their initial plans were disrupted. A variety of brands are making it easier for people to hold out on planned celebrations, and in doing so, this alleviates both stress and financial strain.

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