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Sugar-Free Biscuit Snacks

Sugar-Free Biscuit Snacks


Sugar-Free Biscuit Snacks

The Gullón Zeroh! Biscuits have been launched by the brand as a sugar-free option for consumers to choose when looking to reduce their intake of sugar throughout the day or at teatime. The biscuits are focused on a free-from recipe that doesn’t have any sugar in the mix, but is also crafted without palm oil and saturated fats with minimal salt as well. The biscuits are packaged with eye-catching branding that will make them immediately recognizable by consumers in the store.Gullón UK Sales Director Surb Kaur spoke on the new Gullón Zeroh! Biscuits saying, “We pay just as much attention to what we put into our Zeroh! biscuits as to what we take out, and it is the wholesome ingredients that make our sugar free biscuits taste as good as they do. We leave out sugar, saturated fats and palm oil, we minimise salt, and we add wholewheat flour and sunflower oil which contains high oleic fats. The result is a feel-good digestive which fulfils all the requirements of a comforting biscuit but without the unnecessary addition of unhealthy sugars and fats.”Image Credit: Gullón

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