The Activia Live Culture Smoothies have been unveiled by the brand in the UK as a new lineup of products for consumers who are looking for a delicious, satisfying way to get more probiotics into their daily diet. The smoothies are packed with billions of live cultures along with calcium, fiber and protein to make them a nutritious option that’s suitable for consumption in or out of the house. The smoothies don’t contain any added sugar and come in two flavor options including Orange Fruit & Veg and Red Fruit & Veg.

The Activia Live Culture Smoothies were boasted by Activia Brand Manager Ben Kind who said, “With 30 years of experience, and our passion for happy guts, we’re really excited to launch our new Live Culture Smoothies, which contain all the goodness of our Activia yogurt along with a delicious portion of fruit and veg. We are continually adapting our range of fermented products to ensure that we are meeting evolving consumer demands.”

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