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Promotional Safe Driver Rewards : safe driver rewards

Promotional Safe Driver Rewards : safe driver rewards


Promotional Safe Driver Rewards : safe driver rewards


Lyft and OCAP Launch a Campaign That Encourages Safe Driving

One way to encourage responsibility on the road is through safe driver rewards. Seeing the opportunity in this, on-demand ridesharing service Lyft partners up with the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OCAP) for a special promotional service.

Dubbed ‘Drive Safe R.I.D.E.,’ the campaign will run in Toronto and Ottawa. It began on May 13th. During its duration, uniformed police officers will have the ability to dish out safe driver rewards at roadside spot checks. A $5 off Lyft voucher will be given to those who are driving safely and soberly.

In addition to the promotion, the ridesharing service will also take part in OCAP’s Drive Safe program, further advocating the necessity for responsible driving. The hope is that this campaign can “encourage Ontario residents to plan ahead and make the smart transportation choice.”


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