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QSR-Themed Meat Snacks

QSR-Themed Meat Snacks


QSR-Themed Meat Snacks

The Slim Jim Chili Cheese Coney-flavored meat sticks are one of the latest offerings from the brand that will offer avid fans of the namesake QSR menu item with an alternative way to indulge in the high-quality flavor. The bold, meat-forward snack features the premium Slim Jim with the flavor of the Sonic Chili Cheese Coney hot dog in the mixl. The product features 11 grams of protein per stick, which have a 1.94 ounce serving size.The Slim Jim Chili Cheese Coney-flavored meat sticks are being rolled out to convenience stores and retailers nationwide now with availability expected to increase through 2021. The product joins the existing options on the market that all feature a Sonic-themed flavor experience for consumers to enjoy at their leisure.Image Credit: Slim Jim

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