Hellmann’s Packaging will be 100% Recycled by 2020

The increasing demand for sustainability from consumers is seeing brands take action to reduce their consumption in different ways, which is what’s at work with Hellmann’s packaging.

The brand has announced that all of its Mayonnaise and Mayonnaise Dressing containers made from plastic in the United States will be made from recycled plastic materials by 2020. The packaging will also feature the How2Recycle label to encourage consumers to properly dispose of the container after the product has been used up.

Senior Director, Dressings & Condiments, Unilever Benjamin Crook spoke about the new Hellmann’s packaging saying, “Switching to recycled plastic has a positive impact on the environment by reducing the amount of bottles sent to landfills and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. At Hellmann’s we strive for sustainability in all that we do, including helping customers make a responsible choice while still enjoying the products they love.”

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