Elvie’s ‘A Mother and More’ Campaign Updates an Outdated Image

For Mother’s Day this year, Elvie created the ‘A Mother and More’ campaign and portrait series that showcases the dual identities of women and mothers, all the while updating tired depictions of motherhood. The series shot by Brock Elbank focuses on a diverse group of 12 women and shows their professions, hobbies and backgrounds outside of being a mother. This includes a breast cancer survivor and mentor for the transgender population, an engineer taking on a male-dominated industry and other inspiring women.

Elbank is recognized for his distinctive, thought-provoking photo series like #Project60 and others like #Freckles, #Vitiligo and #HowDoYouCMeNow, which champion the uniqueness and beauty of individuals and challenge stereotypes, much like the images from A Mother and More.

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