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Reduced Cereal Packaging Initiatives

Reduced Cereal Packaging Initiatives


Reduced Cereal Packaging Initiatives

Kellogg Europe has unveiled new reduced cereal packaging in an effort to help reduce the amount of material needed to keep food products contained. The move comes as part of the brand’s Wellbeing Manifesto that was announced for its European business and will see 700 tonnes of carbon removed from its operations per year. This will be achieved by putting less air inside packages and also reducing the amount of exterior paper that is used.Kellogg Europe President Dave Lawlor explained the new reduced cereal packaging initiative further saying, “People are rightly demanding more from companies like ours and everyone expects good food to do a world of good too. We agree. That’s why we are launching a major new plan to improve our foods. Over the past years, we’ve done a lot of work to reduce things like sugar and salt while keeping the same great taste people expect from our foods. And, we’ll continue to act here as we know it is important. But the impact of our food is much broader than just what goes in the box. It’s about how we grow our ingredients and the impact we have on the planet and how we cook and make our food. It’s also about the social and emotional role of food and how it brings people together.”

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