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Reduced Sugar Greek Yogurts : Two Good yogurt

Reduced Sugar Greek Yogurts : Two Good yogurt


Reduced Sugar Greek Yogurts : Two Good yogurt

Two Good Yogurt Now Comes in Three New Flavor Options

Several new flavors of Two Good yogurt have been announced by Danone North America to satisfy the rising number of consumers seeking a free-from way to enjoy the classic taste of the culture dairy product.

Containing just two grams of sugar in each serving, the yogurt is reported to contain more than 80% less sugar than other Greek yogurts presently on the market. The yogurt also contains just 80 calories and 12 grams to protein to make it a healthy snack to choose when looking stave off hunger between larger meals.

The new Two Good yogurt flavors include Coconut, Black Cherry and Plain, which are all made using a patent-pending slow-straining batch process that removes sugar from the milk during preparation.

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