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Reflection-Based AI Installations : ai installation

Reflection-Based AI Installations : ai installation


Reflection-Based AI Installations : ai installation

Ultravioletto Curates a Mirror-Dependent Installation in Spoleto

Italian design studio Ultravioletto organized an interactive AI installation in a former church in the city of Spoleto. The experience is centered around a mirror that utilizes artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology to communicate “an otherworldly image of” individuals who peer into the glass.

Audiences are met with a seemingly normal mirror at first. The algorithm has the ability to identify a person by approximately quantifying their sex, age, race, and likely emotional state. When this process is complete, the AI installation “obscures the mirror” and showcases a “ghostly, rainbow-colored reflection [of the] viewer.”

The idea that Ultravioletto entertained through its mirror is to identify the relationship between humans and technology, as well as the possible future this correlation will paint. Individuals are welcome to interpret the AI installation based on their own experiences.

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