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Roast Dinner Snack Chips

Roast Dinner Snack Chips


Roast Dinner Snack Chips

The Fairfields Farm Roast Rib of Beef crisps are a vegan-friendly roast dinner-inspired snack option for consumers who are looking to enjoy a high-quality flavor in an alternative manner. The crisps are made using hand-selected potatoes that are grown on the Fairfields Farm and are flavored with high-quality ingredients to make them a truly delicious option to pick up. The snack is priced at 80p per 40 gram bag and can be ordered online from the brand or purchased from the EofE Co-op.Co-Founder Laura Strathern spoke on the new Fairfields Farm Roast Rib of Beef crisps saying, “We’ve had so many requests to launch a roast beef flavour, however our vegan customers are very important to us, so we wanted to ensure that whatever we created would appeal to both meat eaters and those following a plant-based diet. The new Rib of Beef crisps are full-flavoured and delicious and we expect them to be very popular.”

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