Budweiser Invites New Rock Bands to Show that #RockIsAlive

In honor of International Day of Rock ‘N’ Roll — a date that pays homage to the historic Live Aid mega-event that took place on July 13th, 1985 to raise funds to support the Ethiopian famine — Budweiser has launched a rock music-themed pop-up event to show everyone that #RockIsAlive.

Budweiser’s event features legendary rock star Andreas Kisser, from Brazilian metal band Sepultura, in a rock concert. The explosive rock opera takes place in a church-like setting and as the video progresses, new rock bands are eventually revealed. In addition to the #RockIsAlive campaign, Budweiser is also launching a recording studio in Brazil named B-Side to record new rock ‘n’ roll bands and prove once again, that rock music is still alive and well.

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