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Rosy Folklore-Inspired Libations : Mermaid Pink Gin

Rosy Folklore-Inspired Libations : Mermaid Pink Gin


Rosy Folklore-Inspired Libations : Mermaid Pink Gin

The Mermaid Pink Gin is Packaged in 100% Plastic-Free Bottles

The Mermaid Pink Gin has been unveiled from the Isle of Wight Distillery as a first from the brand that aims to offer consumers an on-trend libation with a folklore-inspired twist.

The spirit features a 38% ABV and is packaged in 100% plastic-free bottles; a wood-topped cork acts as the stopped, while a plant-based tamper-proof seal keeps the product protected. The spirit has been distilled with strawberries to give it its distinctly rosy flavor and color profile for consumers to enjoy.

Co-Founder of the Isle of Wight Distillery Xaier Baker spoke on the new Mermaid Pink Gin saying, “The trade and consumer response to Mermaid’s new bottle has been amazing and has obviously kept us all very busy! However, we’ve significantly invested in the distillery’s future and Pink represents the next big step for us. The pink gin category’s still got masses of potential, both here and abroad, so we’re confident our unique Island take on it will be a big hit.”

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