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Royal Art on Auction: The Painting of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark



Royal Art on Auction: The Painting of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark

A painting by Denmark’s former monarch, Queen Margrethe II, is being auctioned off. This event attracts attention not only because of its royal origin but also because Margrethe II is a recognized artist whose works are rarely available for purchase.

A Royal Passion for Art

At the age of 83, Margrethe II is renowned for her creative work. She began officially exhibiting her art in 1988, and since then, her paintings have been featured in numerous exhibitions both in Denmark and internationally. The Queen finds inspiration in nature, which is reflected in her “lyrical idiom” and “highly personal artistic universe.”

A Rare Opportunity for Collectors

According to Bruun Rasmussen auction house, the sale of Margrethe II’s works is exceptionally rare. This particular painting, dated 1988, was given to the then Court Marshal Hans Sølvhøj and has remained in his family ever since. The estimated value of the painting is set between 75,000 to 100,000 Danish kroner (approximately $11,000-$15,000).

her majesty queen margrethe ii of denmark uden titel sign m 88 akryl pa l rred 70 x 70

The Queen’s Artistic Journey

Margrethe has been fascinated with drawing since her childhood and has maintained this interest throughout her life. She actively engages in various forms of art, including painting, watercolors, découpage, embroidery, church textiles, and designing scenography and costumes for ballet performances and films.

A New Era for the Danish Monarchy

In January, Margrethe announced her abdication after 52 years of reign, surprising the Danes. On January 14, she handed over the crown to her elder son, Frederik, who ascended to the throne as King Frederik X, marking the beginning of a new era in the history of the Danish monarchy.

The auction of Queen Margrethe II’s painting is a significant event that highlights the intersection of royalty and art. It not only offers a glimpse into the Queen’s artistic talents but also marks a rare opportunity for art collectors and enthusiasts to own a piece of royal art history.

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