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Redefining Elegance: Alena Belai’s Path from Fashion Icon to Media Powerhouse



Redefining Elegance: Alena Belai’s Path from Fashion Icon to Media Powerhouse

In a world where glitz and glam often overshadow the hard work behind the scenes, Alena stands out for her resilience, talent, and sincere passion for her craft. Navigating her way from the runway to the television screen, she shares her success secrets, personal aspirations, and daily rituals that keep her looking effortlessly stunning. Dive into Alena’s story—a tale of unwavering pursuit of dreams.

Alena, as a model and TV host, could you share your rituals that help you get in the right mindset before going on air?

For me, the key is to get a good night’s sleep. A couple of days before shooting, I cut out sweets from my diet, and on the day of the broadcast, I skip breakfast and only have coffee. I also make sure to do some exercises to energize myself.

In your opinion, what qualities should a journalist possess to become a sought-after professional?

First and foremost, one must genuinely love their job. Speaking from my own experience, being on set energizes me; I approach it as a celebration! Equally important is adhering to a clear schedule and agreements with the channel’s management, the team, and sponsors. Don’t forget about tactfulness in dealing with invited guests. And most importantly, you need to be familiar with the work of media personalities and celebrities, keeping up with trends in visuals, style, and even music.

You’ve become the winner of the “Model of the Year” award; how do you feel about this status?

I’ll share a secret – I don’t enjoy appearing at such grand events and sometimes feel out of my element. I’m quite shy and sensitive. Even though my media image is entirely different, behind it is a simple and sincere girl. Due to my profession, I try to be in the public eye more often, but I always feel a bit nervous about it.

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Alena, have you always wanted to become a TV host since childhood, or do you have other hidden dreams and talents that we don’t know about yet?

From childhood, my dream was to sing, and now I’m gradually moving in that direction. In the last five years, I was involved in business, leading a team of 10 professional artists. We created immersive shows, which I confidently consider the best, even though I stepped away from it a couple of months ago, deciding to focus solely on television work.

With your extensive experience in the international modeling business, could you share some of the challenges you’ve faced “behind the scenes” in this industry?

For girls in general, it’s always challenging, especially before a photoshoot. Either there’s puffiness, or a pimple appears on the forehead. It’s a very energy-consuming job for me, so I try not to take on more than one photoshoot per month. Besides that, preparing different looks takes a considerable amount of time. Additionally, the studio conditions can vary, being either too cold or very hot, but those are just minor details.

​​Alena, you always look stunning — both on screen and in real life. In your opinion, what factors contribute to the quality of makeup?

Everything depends on the quantity and quality of sleep. It’s advisable to maintain a consistent sleep schedule, trying to go to bed and wake up at specific times. And most importantly, make sure to sleep in a well-ventilated room to avoid feeling too warm; otherwise, you might experience puffiness in the morning.

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What are the steps in your daily basic skincare routine?

Among my daily rituals are facial massages in a light version or microcurrents for the face. Draining jumps and a little workout also have a good effect. Basic care involves serums and creams. Honestly, I have a lot of cosmetic jars on my shelves, but I only use one or two products. Among them is salicylic acid peeling for the night, and perhaps some light gel-based cream. In general, I came to the conclusion that the more products we use, the worse our skin becomes. Therefore, I decided to minimize the use of most masks and creams.

Alena, what makeup essentials should always be in your cosmetic bag to look stunning?

Actually, I don’t do makeup every day, only when I have some event or important meeting. I always have Rose foundation in my bag, which I usually apply selectively under the eyes, on the forehead, on problematic areas. Sometimes just a little powder and blush. In general, almost nothing, but the main thing is that my eyebrows are always beautifully done!

Alena, since childhood, you’ve been involved in sports. Can you share your other hobbies, what else are you passionate about?

Yes, in my past, there’s judo, military hand-to-hand combat, and even experience in fitness bikini competitions. I love cars, fishing, and consider tattoos a true art form. I enjoy creating shows in various projects.

What are your relaxation methods? How do you like to unwind?

When I come home, family matters take up all my time, and sometimes I can’t even afford to just lie in bed until noon on the weekend. But still, I try to slow down occasionally and find time for massage, sleep, and exercise. My husband supports me and even takes care of cooking sometimes.

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