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Safety Concerns Arise Over Mixed Reality Tech in Vehicles

A person driving a Tesla car while wearing augment wide


Safety Concerns Arise Over Mixed Reality Tech in Vehicles

Recent videos showcasing drivers using virtual reality headsets while operating Teslas have prompted a stern warning from the United States’ top transportation official. These clips, circulating on social media platforms such as X, depict individuals seemingly engrossed in the digital realm provided by Apple’s latest innovation, the Vision Pro headset, even while behind the wheel.

Mixed Reality Behind the Wheel: A Dangerous Trend

In one particular video, a Tesla driver is observed making hand gestures, presumably interacting with the mixed reality environment offered by the Vision Pro. This device, a blend of virtual and augmented reality, was designed to integrate digital content into the physical world seamlessly. However, its use in driving scenarios has raised significant safety concerns.

Pete Buttigieg, the US Secretary of Transportation, responded to these alarming instances with a clear message: drivers must remain in control and attentive to the driving task at all times, regardless of any advanced driver assistance systems they might be using. This cautionary statement underscores the importance of human oversight in vehicle operation, even as technology continues to advance.

The Vision Pro, marketed as a mixed reality headset, is equipped with a high-resolution 23-million-pixel screen that resembles ski goggles and covers the upper part of the wearer’s face. Despite its innovative features, including eye, hand, and voice controls, Apple has explicitly advised against its use while driving or operating any moving vehicle.

Tesla has also reiterated that their advanced driver assistance features are designed to be used by a fully alert driver, prepared to assume control of the vehicle instantly if necessary.

The Ongoing Debate Over Autonomous and Assisted Driving

The emergence of such videos and the subsequent warnings from transportation authorities highlight the ongoing debate surrounding the safety of autonomous and assisted driving technologies. As manufacturers like Tesla continue to develop and refine these systems, the need for clear guidelines and responsible use becomes increasingly apparent.

Transportation Secretary Buttigieg has previously voiced concerns about the use of Tesla’s Autopilot system, emphasizing the critical role of the driver in ensuring safety. This recent incident with mixed reality technology further accentuates the challenges and potential risks associated with integrating cutting-edge tech into everyday activities like driving.

As the discussion evolves, it remains crucial for both technology developers and regulatory bodies to work together in establishing safe practices for the use of advanced digital devices in vehicles, ensuring that innovation does not compromise public safety on the roads.

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