The New Tony’s Chocolonely Bars are Flavorful and Traceable

Two new Tony’s Chocolonely bars have been unveiled by the socially responsible chocolate brand that seek to offer consumers with a flavorful dessert option that is perfect for consumers of any age.

The new bar flavors include the White Raspberry Popping Candy and the Milk Chocolate Honey Almond Nougat, which are both made with premium ingredients and 100% traceable cocoa mass. As with its other products, the chocolate is proclaimed to be “100% slave-free” in reference to the brand’s commitment to ethically sourcing all of its ingredients.

The new Tony’s Chocolonely bars can be purchased both in-store and online through retailers like Whole Foods, New Seasons, Natural Grocers and Stop and Shop, amongst others. Each bar features a suggested retail price point of $5.49.

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