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Scientific Advisor Digital Marketplaces

Scientific Advisor Digital Marketplaces


Scientific Advisor Digital Marketplaces

ISA (International Science Advisors) is a new digital science advisory board marketplace that matches expert advisors with biomedical companies. Formatted as a professional network, the platform was launched in response to the lack of tools and networking abilities available to the scientific community, especially in light of COVID-19. The goal of the platform is to “assist in solving massive global challenges by harnessing the potential of private enterprise and governments to change the lives of millions of people around the world.” Built as a two-sided marketplace, the hub allows biomedical companies to easily filter through trained experts, like doctors, nurses, medics, and other professionals.“This kind of search platform would have been a great advantage at the onset of the global pandemic, while many biomedical companies were lacking medical professionals and tools,” said ISA CEO, Eric Hanson, MD, MPH, who is an Air Force veteran and spent the last 10 years advising biomedical companies. “ISA is bridging the gap between scientific advisory boards and bioscience companies by connecting them with professionals in their field of expertise, which can help more efficiently solve massive global challenges like we have been facing.”Image Credit: Shutterstock

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