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Branded Home Pride Mosaics

Branded Home Pride Mosaics


Branded Home Pride Mosaics

Club House and French recently joined forces with Canadian skating Olympian Scott Moir to create a digital mosaic of Canadians showing their homes and their pride for their country. The brands asked Canadians to share on social media what “my home is Canada” means to them.Upon receiving over 300 photos from across the country, “each of which showcased stunning landmarks, delicious foods, and idyllic scenery during all four seasons,” the images were compiled to create this stunning digital mosaic. The aim of the project was to “encapsulate how beautiful and diverse [Canada] is, and ‘bring light’ to the dark days of winter.” Knowing how many Canadians had their mental health impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, this stunning digital mosaic is sure to “instill positivity, gratefulness, and optimism.”Image Credit: Club House and French

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