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Sex-Positive Lube Ads

Sex-Positive Lube Ads


Sex-Positive Lube Ads

UK advertising agency Havas London has joined forces with Durex to launch a campaign that challenges viewers to get comfortable with the world “moist.” As the word is widely accepted as one of the most uncomfortable to say, the playful ad spotlights different women confidently repeating it. The aim of the campaign is to spur conversations about women’s sexuality, and highlight the importance of destigmatizing sexual discomfort while promoting the use of lubricants that can help to solve such issues. Durex Category Manager Lindsay Forbes spoke to the campaign, stating “Our aim at Durex is to liberate good sex for all. This campaign addresses that uncomfortableness head on—because if we can become more comfortable with the word ‘moist,’ we become more comfortable talking about sexual discomfort and lube as the solution to it.”Image Credit: Havas London / Durex

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