The shark-themed children’s song that became a viral sensation has officially become a breakfast food with Kellogg’s ‘Baby Shark Cereal.’ The limited-edition cereal was debuted just in time for Discovery’s Shark Week Collection television marathon.

The new cereal is ‘Berry Fin-tastic’ flavored, with red, yellow, and blue cereal rounds, and marshmallows mixed in. The box features blue packaging, a cartoon shark, a small fish, and a sea shell holding the cereal in place of a bowl. “We know Baby Shark is a catchy tune that has captured the hearts of many families,” said Erin Storm, Kellogg’s marketing, in a press release. “New Kellogg’s Baby Shark cereal was created to expand on the joy families feel in a tasty way.”

This novelty cereal is perfect for families and adults to enjoy while watching the shark-themed marathon.

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