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Signature Ice Auctions : SONIC ice

Signature Ice Auctions : SONIC ice


Signature Ice Auctions : SONIC ice

What sets SONIC Ice apart its its unique texture, plus it is slow-melting, so it helps to keep drinks full of flavor for longer. Knowing that some SONIC guests love the ice enough to enjoy it on its own, SONIC Drive-In decided to auction off a cup of its signature ice. Realizing that many fans can visit drive-ins can order just a cup of ice if they live close enough, and others can’t, SONIC set up a web auction to treat the highest bidder to a cup of ice that will be delivered by a SONIC skating Carhop. As part of the online auction, SONIC will be donating 100% of the funds to DonorsChoose, a longtime nonprofit partner that helps to support public school teachers.Image Credit: SONIC

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