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Social Interaction-Promoting Platforms

Social Interaction-Promoting Platforms


Social Interaction-Promoting Platforms

The COVID-19 pandemic has made people more lonely than ever, and although social media can be a lifeline for many, this new platform is encouraging users to stop scrolling and ‘Call Your Friends.’ The aptly named platform, Call Your Friends, offers reminders to promote closer friendships, even while we may be physically apart. Priced at $2 a month, the app has users list people in which they want to contact more, as well as the frequency in which they would like to speak with them. The platform will send “periodic text messages encouraging you to follow through.” After the conversation, users will confirm the interaction on Call Yours Friends to restart the countdown until your next connection. Call your Friends was designed as an “antidote to the surface-level connections that happen on social media,” helping us reconnect to what matters most.Image Credit: Shutterstock

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