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Connective Collegiate Apps

Connective Collegiate Apps


Connective Collegiate Apps

A group of entrepreneurial students based at Brigham Young University in Utah have developed an innovative social media app that is designed to make it easier than ever for students to go about finding and connecting with people who share similar interests and thought processes, something that could add a lot of value during the COVID-19 pandemic. The TieDye app makes it possible for students to create virtual communities, with the app encouraging them to enter a number of facts about themselves before automatically creating tags that can be used to connect people. From sports and academic interests to ethnic backgrounds and language interests, any kind of tag can be used to forge a connection. While many social networking apps have devolved into places where people try to project an unrealistic image of themselves, the TieDye app is designed to bring together people with niche interests to create a genuine sense of community among the university populace.

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