The inner-ēco Probiotic Coconut Water Products are Tasty

Getting the optimal amount of recommended probiotics per day is something more consumers are looking to do in a convenient manner, so brands are responding in kinds with products like the inner-ēco Probiotic Coconut Water beverages.

As the name suggests, the drinks are made with a fresh coconut water base that has been enhanced with kefir cultures to enhance the probiotic profile of the beverages without the use of any dairy. The drinks come in three flavor options including Blueberry/Blackberry, Original Unsweetened and Mango/Pineapple to make them a deliciously beneficial refreshment to choose.

The inner-ēco Probiotic Coconut Water drinks feature new branding that convey a sense of well-being to the consumer, while using eye-catching colors to command attention from store shelves.

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