DECIEM The Abnormal Beauty Company’s Ethos Contradicts the Norm

DECIEM The Abnormal Beauty Company is a Canadian business that looks at quality as “being authentic, being different, being functional, being beautiful and being sensibly priced.” With its ultra-minimalist branding identity, its formula-packed product range, as well as its cost-effective pricing list, the beauty label is able to disrupt the traditional business model of the industry.

With a growing portfolio, DECIEM The Abnormal Beauty Company has surely singled itself out to global consumers. Products across the range are packaged in a ubiquitous manner, signaling consistency and allowing for consumers to better understand the ingredients, purpose, and methods of usage tied to each offering. From skincare that boasts a nutrient-rich formula to supplements that will help consumers stay as healthy as possible, the company brings education and grooming to the forefront.

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