The New Fentimans Light Sodas Contain Just 60 Calories Each

Cocktails with a low-calorie profile are continuing to gain popularity in many parts of the world as consumers seek to reduce their intake, so brands are taking note with new products like the Fentimans light sodas.

The botanical beverage brand is launching three soda options in the UK that are lower in calories than its traditional offerings yet perfectly flavored for use in your favorite cocktail. The low-calorie line includes the Light Sparkling Raspberry, Light Gently Sparkling Elderflower and the Light Rose Lemonade, which are all free from artificial sweeteners and contain just 60 calories per serving.

Fentimans Marketing Director Andrew Jackson spoke on the new Fentimans light sodas saying, “We know that a growing number of our audience are increasingly looking for great-tasting light drinks with fewer calories. At Fentimans, great flavour is our number one objective, so we have worked long and hard on the new recipes to ensure we can deliver a lighter option of our classic drinks, with absolutely no compromise on flavour.”

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