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Sparkling Millennial-Targeted Waters : Senezhskaya flavored water

Sparkling Millennial-Targeted Waters : Senezhskaya flavored water


Sparkling Millennial-Targeted Waters : Senezhskaya flavored water


The Senezhskaya Flavored Water is Packaged in Ball Slim Cans

The new Senezhskaya flavored water have been unveiled by the Russia-based mineral water brand as a lineup of refreshments that aim to deliver exceptional hydration with a touch of crisp flavor.

Targeted at Millennial and Generation X consumers between the ages of 20 and 45, the waters come in two flavor options including Raspberry and Lemon & Mint. The waters have been packaged in Ball slim cans to convey a high-end experience to the shopper that maintains a more subtle aesthetic compared to alternative packaging options.

The packaging for the Senezhskaya flavored water was spoke on by Sales Director for Senezhskaya Alexander Ivashkin who explained that, “Besides its convenience and visual appeal, we highly appreciate the sustainability credentials of the modern aluminum can, being almost infinitely recyclable with no loss in quality, preventing landfill and water pollution. The source of Senezhskaya water is a glacial spring and is estimated to be 145 million years old. We highly depend on a healthy environment and put sustainability first. This is why we are converting all our beverage products filled in PET and glass to cans.”


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