The new range of Cofresh Street Food Mixes have been unveiled by the brand as a snack option for consumers that offers an alternative way to enjoy the flavor of street fare. The snacks are packaged in 200 gram bags and come in four flavor options including Sweet & Fruity, Hot & Spicy, Sweet & Salty and Aromatic & Smoky. Each of the snacks are made with a blend of noodles and nuts, which make them a tasty yet satisfying option for consumers to choose when looking for a crunchy indulgence to enjoy.

Director of Commercial Sales and Marketing at Cofresh Debbie King spoke on the new Cofresh Street Food Mixes saying, “All day snacking is fast pushing the custom of eating three square meals a day into the history books while at the same time, street food and its culinary diversity continues to revolutionize our eating habits and flavor expectations. Our traditional mixes have long been favorites in the snacks sector so we’ve taken the very best elements of those and brought them right up to date with a modern twist in terms of flavors and street food appeal.”

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