St. Ives’ #NatureReset Reminds of Nature’s Power to Relieve Stress

Following research conducted by St. Ives that shows that 94% of young women feel calmer after spending time in nature, the skincare brand launched #NatureReset to remind people of how powerful nature can be for stress relief—even if someone enjoys just 15 minutes or less outside. St. Ives’ #NatureReset bus aims to inspire people to reconnect with nature, where they can enjoy an immersive experience in the urban jungle.

The #NatureReset bus will be touring across the country this summer, sharing scenes that take inspiration from the ingredients that make up the newly launched St. Ives Face Mists.

As part of its efforts to get more people in nature, St. Ives is also holding a sweepstake in partnership with National Geographic to share a trip for two to Yellowstone National Park.

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