McDonald’s Fries-Inspired Campaign is Stunningly Design-Friendly

The new campaign by beloved fast food chain McDonald’s is multi-directional — on one hand, it pays homeage to National French Fry Day (July 13th), on the other hand, it acts as an attention-captivating diversity ad.

The marketing initiative was executed in collaboration with creative company We Are Unlimited and photographer Mark Seliger. The posters and billboards are set on a brand-specific solid yellow background that stands out effortlessly. Dubbed ‘Share the Love,’ the image boasts a carton of fries and two hands reaching for it, whilst forming the recognizable Golden Arch logo. Emphasis was put on the models having different skin tones. As a diversity ad, the message is quite subtle and elegantly delivered.

The campaign made its debut across a number of McDonald’s outlets.

Photo Credits: Mark Seliger, McDonald’s

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