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Sun Care Binoculars : Sun Binoculars

Sun Care Binoculars : Sun Binoculars


Sun Care Binoculars : Sun Binoculars


Nivea’s Sun Binoculars Can Tell If Beach-Goers are Vulnerable to Being Burned

Sun protection is a vital part of skincare and Nivea created a unique pair of ‘Sun Binoculars’ to make sure that people are safe and cared for under the sun at the beach. Taking precautions to keep one’s skin safe in the summer is necessary but often forgotten, especially when it comes to applying sun protection products as regularly as needed.

Nivea’s tech-powered Sun Binoculars make the most of a superzoom lens and special filters that are capable of detecting UV rays. The binoculars were trialed at the beaches of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo during one of the hottest recorded summers in history. On the beach, watchtowers were set up so that the binoculars could be pointed at people to alert them if they may not be taking the proper measures to protect themselves from being sunburned.


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