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Skin Tone-Colored Crayons : flesh colored crayon

Skin Tone-Colored Crayons : flesh colored crayon


Skin Tone-Colored Crayons : flesh colored crayon


Shiseido Created a Set of Flesh-Colored Crayons Uniquely Matched to Kids

All too often, there’s only one flesh-colored crayon that’s recognized as the one for drawing skin tone but cosmetics company Shiseido set out to prove otherwise with ‘My Crayon Project.’ For the unlikely project, the company had a mission to educate children in Japan that there’s more than one skin tone and all of them are equally as beautiful.

In Japan, “hada-iro” is recognized as “skin color,” which often leads to mixed-race children being seen as outsiders in the country. To challenge this belief about skin tone, Shiseido created a custom crayon set by scanning the color of a child’s skin and creating a colored drawing tool with their name on it.

Alongside the unique flesh-colored crayon set, complete with a range of shades, Shiseido ran art and ethics classes in schools.


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