At the International Food and Beverage Event (IFE) in London, the brand Good Nude Food—founded by “gut health entrepreneur” Evonne Morrison—was crowned the winner of the Pitch! Live competition. Good Nude Food’s product is essentially “supercharged sauerkraut.” The company specializes in making “high-quality, live fermented sauerkrauts with added superfoods.” Titled ‘SUPERKRAUT,’ the products are manufactured in small batches and handmade in Scotland. There are three types of Good Nude Food SUPERKRAUT, including ‘Tumeric and Ginger,’ ‘Supergreens with Spirulina,’ and ‘Red Hot Firekraut.’ With consumer interest in probiotics exponentially growing, many are looking for nutritious foods to supplement their diet. In addition to being quite tasty on their own, Good Nude Food makes suggested pairings for each of its options.Image Credit: Good Nude Food

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