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Tart Cherry Immunity Refreshments

Tart Cherry Immunity Refreshments


Tart Cherry Immunity Refreshments

The Cheribundi Immunity beverage is the brand’s latest refreshment created with consumer health in mind to make it easier for them to incorporate immunity boosting ingredients into their lifestyle. The drink is reported to be the first beverage on the market that’s made with tart cherry juice, while also being infused with echinacea and B vitamins. These ingredients work together to support the immune system of the person, while also helping when it comes to athletic performance by supporting recovery.CEO of Cheribundi and Managing Partner and COO of Emil Capital Partners Marcel Bens spoke further on the Cheribundi Immunity beverage saying, “Now more than ever if exercise recovery – the final mile of performance – isn’t intrinsically connected to immune health, it’s missing the mark. And while tart cherry juice already has immune supporting benefits, we wanted to do even more, so we created a multi-functional solution that people could easily incorporate into their active lifestyles to further support their most precious asset: their health.”

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