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Post-Covid Tourism Campaigns

Post-Covid Tourism Campaigns


Post-Covid Tourism Campaigns

As travel gears up again in light of mass vaccinations, Yolo County debuted a new marketing strategy to allure new travels. “We created this series of messaging that said, ‘when you’re ready to travel, here’s why you should come to Yolo County,’” Visit Yolo Executive Director, Terry Selk said.The new marketing scheme includes a storytelling series that highlights local businesses and entrepreneurs, showcasing the wonderful travel opportunities the region has to offer. In addition, the brand debuted a Woodland Dining Pass that helps travelers experience the local food scene. “We’ve recruited restaurants in Woodland to participate in a savings pass that is free to download for the customers,” Selk said. “It basically gives people, locals and travelers, restaurant options to go try out Woodland’s culinary diversity and cuisine.”Image Credit: Steve Beckley

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